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Takatora works incredibly hard not to grimace when the alarms sound. It feels like lately it has been one thing after the other, constant Inves attacks pouring through the cracks. And no matter how many men they train and arm he'll always prefer to lead the attack himself.

Especially when he takes a look at the cameras and discovers that one of the figures is not an Inves at all. At least, it has none of the distinguishing features of an evolved Inves that Ryoma has extensively researched in his work.

It's something they haven't come across yet. Takatora henshins with a growing sense of dread. He doesn't know what to expect, and is tempted to assume the worst. Defending the planet keeps becoming increasingly difficult.

He barks out orders to the men accompanying him to focus on dispatching the many Inves before they can escape and cause too much chaos within Zawame. He'll handle the unknown entity himself.

When Takatora has the creature in his sights he takes a firm stance, holding up his bow and aiming directly at it. There will be no mistaking his intent.
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[It's 7-something in the morning and when Takatora's ringtone starts up again it signals the fifth phone call he's already taken since waking up. Not that that sort of thing is a concern to him; it's part of his job to be informed of events and handle any necessarily issues or authorisations that crop up.

It wouldn't be very professional to take his calls from his bed so he's at the desk in his bedroom, fully clothed, if somewhat more casually than usual, considering a few more shirt buttons are open than one would expect. It was adequate enough at the time and that's all the matters.

Nobody is going to see currently except for Basco.

Ah, yes. Basco. He had done... that again last night. Wine had been involved.

Perhaps he'll simply realise how busy Takatora is and see himself quietly out?

...As if. Meanwhile--

That wasn't in the original draft of the contract I read, and I hadn't agreed to any alterations. Have it sent to my home so that I can inspect it-


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